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Remind Me Once More

Remind me again,

Remind me how the water flows,

How it always finds a way to meet its lover,

The destination however it knows,

Remind me,

Remind me how a spider weaves the web,

How it always knows which way to spread,

How it always finds where the joints must be,

Kindly won’t you remind me?

Once I read somewhere ‘to wander is not to be lost’,

But what to do if you can not find a way,

When you do not know what the purpose means,

Remind me the very purpose of life,

A purpose other than just to live it,

To create not just for the sake of it,

To create not just for the reward,

But to create something one could fall in love,

Remind me how to be myself again,

How not to get lost in consumption,

How to not get lost in assumption,

To not lose again to disruptions,

Remind me to be innocent again,

To seek the stars that are lost in pollution,

To seek the soul that isn’t sacrificed to corruption,

Remind me not to be born poor again,

Remind to not be born alone again,

Remind me to not to be born again

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