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Do Not Wake Me Up

Do not wake me up,

For, I am loved in my dream,

Do not disturb my slumber,

For my visions are extreme,

There is no envy, no disgust for me there.

The people are nice and many actually care,

For they see me as equal, not an alien,

They do not fear I might be Aurelian,

My dreams are much better than my house, my food,

I have everything I aspire there, achieve whatever I could,

I am not a threat to those imaginary people,

My dreams don’t cage me in a steeple,

I could fly there if I want to, desires unshackled,

My own imagination don’t judge me, have my heart spackled,

So leave me lying there in my own misery,

I am tired of your taunts, your mocking, and your chiding frippery,

Yes, I prefer the unreal, the mirage, the fantasy,

I am successful there, not a subject of your glee.

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